Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Many homeowners don't understand the important role that indoor air quality plays in their lives and the lives of their family. Toxic mold, or harmful levels of other mold, can pollute indoor air making the indoor environment very unhealthy... Read More →
  • mold-growth

    The presence of mold growing outwardly from building material is a sign of a deeper water damage and mold problem

  • floating-iaq-particles

    Airborne particles that are harmful to human health are invisible

Concerns We Address

Our Services

  • Mold Inspection & Testing

    If you suspect a mold problem or just want to be sure that one doesn't exist, a Mold Inspection should be performed. The inspection process involves testing of the air for the presence of harmful mold. Special equipment readings are also taken. The inspection is a critical step in identifying a problem and its severity.
  • Infrared Inspection

    Problems aren't always visible around the interior or exterior of a property. Mold, leaks, and water damage can hide within call, floor and ceiling cavities. Using infrared imaging cameras, we can identify these and other problems at your property and provide recommendations on resolving any issues found.
  • Property Defect Inspection

    Many properties have hidden construction defects. They may relate to the quality of construction or the building materials used. Problems may not be obvious, but they can lead to serious damage over time or when a weather event occurs. A Property Defect Inspection will reveal these issues so you can take action.
  • Special Substance Testing

    If there is a specific substance you are looking to test for, we can help. Our company provides testing for radon gas, carbon monoxide, bacteria in the soil, water or on surfaces, water quality testing, drug residue testing, and many others. All analysis for our testing services is performed by a third-party laboratory.

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